Welcome to JUGGLE – The network of Junior Group Leaders in Life Sciences at JGU

Dr. Christina Francisca Vogelaar
Dr. Joel Meunier
Dr. Julia Leschik
Dr. Kamilla Koch
Dr. Jan Werner
Dr. Frederik Wurm
Dr. Christian Berger
Dr. Christian von Hilchen


JUGGLE is a network of Junior Group Leaders in Life Sciences in Mainz. The members are situated at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, the Mainz University Medical Center, the Institute of Molecular Biology and the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research.

Our main goal is to facilitate scientific exchange and collaborations at the JGU and to improve the visibility and career development of senior scientists and junior group leaders. The network will allow an easy and fast integration of new group leaders at all participating institutions.

JUGGLE was founded in 2013 as a bottom up initiative by a group of junior group leaders who faced a situation in which a platform or dedicated program actively linking research groups both within and across faculty boundaries was missing. JUGGLE is generously supported by the JGU and the University Medical Center.

JUGGLE provides the following benefits:

  • The JUGGLE homepage will be embedded in the JGU / UMC online environment and provides information about current and past members, current and oncoming events, available techniques or skills, courses, seminars etc.
  • JUGGLE members are able to make use of a regularly updated internal email-list facilitating rapid exchange of scientific and organizational information
  • JUGGLE will provide a mentoring program in order to foster a truly vigorous interaction beneficial to both group leaders and doctoral students
  • JUGGLE will organize periodic training courses specifically suited to improve a group leader’s abilities. These will cover diverse topics such as lab / project management, acquisition of funding or scientific writing.
  • JUGGLE members will organize regular scientific conferences at the JGU / UMC campus. Conferences will not only cover areas of top-level research, but will also provide discussion platforms addressing current career opportunities and obstacles for junior group leaders in academia
  • JUGGLE members will be regularly informed about JGU-developed leadership programs dedicated to improve soft skills, teaching and leadership abilities.
  • An alumni network is to be established in order to foster external networking

Do you want to be a member of this network? Just send us an E-mail.